About Us

Summinar is the virtual events platform to run successful online summits, with all the features to connect, inspire and engage your audience.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to build and provide an end-to-end virtual events platform for like-minded people.
    • To provide the best possible online event experience for hosts, speakers and their audience.

    • To pave the way of doing events of all sizes - globally. All done from the platform, but looking world-class.

    • To explore, participate and contribute at the beneficial intersection of commerce and thought-leadership.

    • To discuss, learn and collaborate on relevant and meaningful topics to make this world a better place.

Our Team

We have a talented and diverse team of creative people from varied nationalities and cultures. We’ve been working on a distributed basis over many years with one goal to improve ways that people connect and share their success stories.


Meet Our Team

Meet the team behind our summits platform.

Jack, CEO

Alex, COO

Lissy, Product Owner

Natasha, Marketing Manager

Pavan, Affiliate Manager

Meri, Product Manager

Ivona, Designer

Tamara, Designer

Paul, CTO

David, Developer

Sevak, Developer

Avetis, Developer

Ani, Developer

Alexei, Developer

Anna, Developer

Sanja, Support

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Features for All

  • As an organizer you get all you need to plan and run a commercially successful summit.
  • As a speaker you get to showcase your achievements and market yourself for future gigs.
  • As a participant you get to plan your itinerary rather than somebody else planning yours!
  • As a sponsor your brand will get showcased across almost every audience touchpoint.

Summits in a Box

‘Summits in a Box’ is a term we have lovingly coined to convey the power of our Summinar platform. Whether you are an Organizer, Speaker or Participant, we have thought of everyone! Probably no other platform can boast of such robustness in terms of a better UI, UX or configurable options available in general! We have even thought about your sponsors and the mileage they need to receive!


Plan Your Next Virtual Event

Summinar has all the features to create, organize and host your live, “on-demand” and hybrid virtual events in less than one hour.
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