Summinar for Influencers

Summinar can be a virtual event stage for influencers.
Influencers can create personal profiles on Summinar, get invited to speak at virtual summit events, host their sessions and get discovered for future events.



Create your own itinerary

Boost events with Influencers

Influencers can help you build authority for your brand, expand your event reach and boost event revenue. It’s really simple - hosts can invite influencers as speakers to their virtual summit event and get a boost in event popularity.

Some of our features available for influencers

Create Sessions

Speaker Profile

Discover Summits

Like Speakers

Message Speakers

CTA Buttons

Video Clips



Email & SMTP

Our Plan for Influencers

Maximize your virtual summit experience with our plan for influencers.

Create, Speak, Influence

• Recorded

• On demand

• Register for Summit

• Browse Summits

• Browse Sessions

• Browse Speakers

• Speakers Profile

• CTA Buttons

• Video Clips

• Autoresponders

• Email & SMTP

• In Platform Messaging

Contact Us

CreateOrganise and Host Flawless Events

• Live
• Recorded
• On Demand
Summits Per Month


Sessions Per Summit


Attendees Per Summit


ConnectEnhance your Summit and Sessions

• Autoresponders
• Email & SMTP
• In Platform Messaging
• CTA Buttons
• Audience Analytics
• Polls and Surveys
• Pay Per View Events

CollaborateBuild your Summit Community

• Entry in Speakers Directory
• Sponsorship Placements
• Partner Referrals

Coach3rd Party Platform Support

• 3rd Party Platform Support
• Full Event Support
• Full Professional services
• White Label Bespoke

Get Tribe

Get Discovered with Summinar

Our Discovery Feature lets the audience and Other Speakers Discover Virtual Summits, Sessions, Speakers and Upcoming Virtual Events on Summinar.

Discover Speakers


Plan Your Next Session

Summinar has all the features to create, organize and host your live, “on-demand”
and hybrid summit sessions.