About Us

Summinar is the online platform for summits. We are on a mission to give you the best experience you can get from an online video platform.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to build and provide an end-to-end virtual platform for like-minded people.
  • To explore, participate and contribute at the beneficial intersection of commerce and thought-leadership

  • To discuss, learn and collaborate on relevant and meaningful topics to make this world a better place


Our Team

We are a unified global Team across varied
nationalities and cultures.

We take pride in our Team camaraderie as much as we take pride in the power of our focussed achievements irrespective of the fact that we are a remote company. As a company which believes and practices in TX (Team Experience), understanding and delivering CX (Customer Experience) is second nature to us!

Meet The Team Behind Your
Favourite Platform

LissyProduct Owner
MeriProduct Manager
David MDeveloper
SanjaCustomer Support
NatashaMarketing Manager
PavanAffiliate Manager

Summits in a Box

Having an end-to-end solution is precisely like magicians pulling out tricks from deep down their hats!

‘Summits in a Box’ is a term we have lovingly coined to convey the power of our Summinar platform. Whether you are an Organizer, Speaker or Participant, we have thought of everyone! Probably no other platform can boast of such robustness in terms of a better UI, UX or configurable options available in general! We have even thought about your sponsors and the mileage they need to receive!


To Sum Up...

As an organizer

You get all you need to plan and run a commercially successful summit.

As a speaker

You get to showcase your achievements and market yourself for future gigs.

As a participant

You get to plan your itinerary rather than somebody else planning yours!

As a sponsor

Your brand will get showcased across almost every Audience Touchpoint.

Isn’t this truly ‘Summits in a Box’ packed and delivered right at your doorstep?

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Summinar uses live video to help you get your message out. Whether it is for commercial gain